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Jeepney Iconography

Jeepney Iconography

Having taken part in the Sydney Writers Festival annual MCA zine fair in 2015, 2015 and 2016, and in Melbournes’ annual Sticky Institute zine fair in 2017. I have been able to distribute a number of self published photographic zines, the most relevant being “Piles of Stuff #1” and also “Transport”.


I have documented different modes of transport from my travels through India, Nepal, Vietnam, Burma, China and Japan. In particular 4 and 3 wheels vehicles used to transport people or goods. This brief blog looks into the available articles on iconography featured on the Filipino form of public/private transport – Jeepneys.


Image taken from the art duo Electrolychee’s book Biyaheng Langit, documenting iconography on Jeepney’s.


Philstar article: Jeepney Art Goes Deeper than Decoration

Bloomberg article: Art on Wheels


Both photos are by myself Sarah Murphy, please credit and link to this article if used. Do not use images for commercial purposes.