Whats the deal with plush interiors?

A number of factors have lead me down this road….and Im going to have to note them down.

  • Interest in 50’s visual culture, including hot-rods, and vintage car shows.
  • Practice of decorating business vehicles, including rickshaws and auto rickshaws in a number of Asian countries. Which I have documented, and compiled my favourites into my ‘Transport’ Zine.
  • The clear connection between vehicle decoration and self expression, and its use as a signifier within sub-culture groups. Hot-Rods in particular,¬†transmit the comfort of interior space, to a mobile unit.
  • The potential to apply my pattern-making, and sewing skills to my art practice by combining upholstery techniques into my work.
  • And…More recently, I read Tom Wolfe’s written piece ‘Candy Kolored Tangerine Flake Stream Line Baby’.
  • Judy Chicago – ‘Carhood’
  • I realised Ive got a thing for upholstered surfaces. Its not really something I wanted to pursue when I was younger, but I always boasted about the fact my dad re-upholstered my family sofa with our brown velvet curtains.



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