Kate Rohde – ornamental resin

Flourish Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, 2008. Polyester resin and mixed media

Over the weekend I visited the Bendigo Gallery of Art, I hadn’t researched the gallery at all so I was really surprised at the size of the gallery, as well as the range of work on display.

I love Kate Rohde’s incredibly kitsch resin vitrines. So plastic-y, they look like there made of gummy sweets with semi transparent goo melting and merging.

I find them ridiculously amazing, there aesthetically overwhelming. The coloured resin flora and fauna designs cast shadows adding visual depth to the work. The ‘specimen’ displays are made entirely of man made materials, and visually mimic museum diaorama’s.

Kate Rohde has combined her interest in flora and fauna with her love of the elaborately ornamental baroque and rococo art movements, to great affect.

In 2009 I visited the Museum of Everything in London, which exhibited shell work, hand embroidered work, hand-painted circus signage and much more. I always remember the taxidermy drinking mice, and the boxing squirrels below.

by Edward Hart (1847-1928)
A case containing’Boxing Squirrels’ by the Victorian taxidermist, Edward Hart. 5th Viscount Bangor’s living sculpture of a tableau of red squirrels in boxing poses. Squirrel opponents shaking hands.

Images taken by Sarah Murphy, except the ‘Boxing Squirrels’


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