Jeepney Iconography

Having taken part in the Sydney Writers Festival annual MCA zine fair in 2015, 2015 and 2016, and in Melbournes’ annual Sticky Institute zine fair in 2017. I have been able to distribute a number of self published photographic zines, the most relevant being “Piles of Stuff #1” and also “Transport”.


I have documented different modes of transport from my travels through India, Nepal, Vietnam, Burma, China and Japan. In particular 4 and 3 wheels vehicles used to transport people or goods. This brief blog looks into the available articles on iconography featured on the Filipino form of public/private transport – Jeepneys.


Image taken from the art duo Electrolychee’s book Biyaheng Langit, documenting iconography on Jeepney’s.


Philstar article: Jeepney Art Goes Deeper than Decoration

Bloomberg article: Art on Wheels

StuartExchange article: Jeepney

Vagabond Journey comprehensive article: Story of Jeepneys

Both photos are by myself Sarah Murphy, please credit and link to this article if used. Do not use images for commercial purposes.


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