Catherine Meredith – Sensory Deprivation

I really like art that takes me out of my everyday experience, that’s mesmerizing, makes me feel like making work straight away, or removes or heightens sensory experience.

Catherine Meredith is a human rights and public law lawyer, who develops here artist practise alongside her career. She installed two sensory deprivation experiments in the London School of Economics, they combined techniques used by the British Army in Northern Ireland, and also new elements like sound, film and light.

Ultimately the intention was to disorientate the participant, she combined 5 techniques, some dating back to the 1950s, to force authority, place control on, and strip away any predictability the participant may feel.

‘Some of my work (and the installation is a good example of this) consolidates my legal knowledge in one sense but in another allows me to think beyond it and deal with variables often excluded by law – eg feelings, thoughts and emotions. Perhaps, human rights attempt to explain such themes (for example, freedom of thought, conscience and religion) but unsatisfactorily. Therefore there seems no reason why we should not cross-reference our knowledge and experience of the world around us: consequently, perhaps art, literature and culture may provide tools to help us explain or describe what we mean by human rights”


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