Making Nature: Allora + Calzadilla

The Wellcome collection in London is one of my favourite gallery spaces to visit in London, you can guarantee every exhibition will cover thought-provoking matter, backed up with artworks, unusual historical objects, with a pinch of peculiar.

I discussed in a previous post photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s series ‘Dioramas’, which allows the viewer to resee museum dioramas of stuffed animals as if they were real.

I also came across ‘Apotome’ a video piece by Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, a mesmerising and thought provoking work in which we are edged through the taxidermy storage in Frances National Museum of Natural History, at chest height, acompanying vocalist Tim Storms and his gutternal murmurs.

Although the concept behind Allora and Calzadilla and there use of Storms vocals is fascinating, im concentrating on the experience of the watching the video. I was drawn more so to the slightly unnerving experience of hearing Storms sing/speak and the inability to understand him, presented alongside the rows of glaring inaudible and sometimes snarling animals. It was captivating, the low murmurs felt as if they were the combined frustrations of the dead animals, a somewhat other worldy experience. Or as the artists described in an ‘interspecies metalanguage’.




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