Lost in Light – Anthony McCall

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney

Light Show 2015

Curated by Cliff Lauson from the Hayward Gallery.

The stand out works from this show were by artist Anthony McCall, and also James Turrell.

Anthony McCalls work for Light Show, featured a singular beam of light installed in a dark room with a smoke machine. The circle set out from the beam of light grew and moved, affecting the viewers perception of space in the room.

Engaging and ephemeral, the installation took you out of the everyday experience. It made you take notice of your hands, your head, and shoulders, and that of others too. Your couldn’t help but notice the presence of others, but it was in an unfamiliar way and felt intriguing.

It allowed room for escape, a place to be immersed in an shared experience. As participants dipped there hands, heads and shoulders in and out of the strobe of light that slowly dissected, and enveloped us all at once.

Artist Talk

2251ce502f2bd9b3cb3542b186444d99[2]‘You and I Horizontal’ 2005



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